Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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  • a) Land which is sub-divided into plots without permission from Competent Authority such as Municipal Corporations, Municipalities, Urban Development Authorities and Metropolitan Development Authority and Director of Town and Country Planning as the case maybe.
  • b) Un-authorized illegal layouts would also include tentative layouts approved by Municipal Corporation/Municipalities/Urban Development Authorities / DTCP and Metropolitan Development Authority where plots have been sold without Obtaining final layout approval.
  • c)Gram Panchayat layouts without prior approval from Director of Town and Country Planning/Urban Development Authority / and Metropolitan Development Authority.
  • a) Regulation of unapproved layouts will entitle the applicant to get building permission from the Competent Authority.
  • b) Civic amenities like roads, water supply, drainage, streetlights will be provided subject to total payment of all required charges by all plot owners.
  • c) The unapproved layout areas will be brought in to the fold of planned development of the Towns/Cities/Gram Panchayats.
The following consequences have to be faced:
  • a) No building permission will be given.
  • b) No regular water supply connections and services like roads, drainage, streetlights will be extended in such areas.
  • c) No registration of such plots by sale will be permitted
A: Yes. This scheme is applicable to all Gram Panchayat areas
A: Yes, it can be regularized subject to submission of application along with sale deed executed prior to date of notification of the Rules and payment of prescribed fees and charges and subject complying of LRS Rules issued vide G.O.Ms.No.131 dated 31-08-2020.
A: Yes. The plot holders who come forward for regulation of their plots will be considered for approval subject to conditions.
A. No. This scheme is applicable only for plot owners who have registered sale deed executed prior to 26-08-2020.
A: Yes. At the time of submission of application, one has to pay Rs 1000/ in case of individual plot and Rs 10,000/ in case of layout. The balance amount has to be paid by 31-01-2021.
A: Yes. You can apply for regularisation of plot. At present there is no provision for regualrisation of Unauthorised bUildings.
A: The Penal charges include betterment charges and Development Charges, The method of calculation of penal charges and open space charges is given in G.O.Ms.No.131 dated 31-08-2020.